Dos A Full

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Conduce : Claudio González
Horario: Lunes a Viernes: 7:00 a 8:00 PM
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Un programa variado y fresco con una hora de duración, traído a usted por Kendall Toyota. Con el número uno, el publicista Claudio González.

Dos A Full de lunes a viernes de 7:00 a 8:00 PM, le entretiene con buen contenido y las noticias más actualizadas de la comunidad.


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Dic. 13 de 19:00:00 a 19:59:59
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4 Nelson | hace 16 semanas Sancion de suarez.uds hablan solo de pobrecito su tercera reincidencia.lo mas importante es el mal ejemplo que plasmo a los futbolistas de el manana. hay esta el dano. Responder
3 Clwxyjn3j8fv | hace 20 semanas Hi mark,first of all i hope that you arrived slafey in berlin and that you will enjoy your stay. i think in one of your last posts, you got a typo, cause there was something like you getting me a drink ? did i miss something? you are the guy doing all the hard work, like the research, talks, managing the blog and travelling the whole world on your own. we, the readers and listeners, should be the one buying you the drink. ever heart about the beerware license ? you should run your blog on this license and never worry about beeing soberly again dont worry about me tapping you on the shoulder at all, i dont want you scare away to tell the truth im far from the 24c3 right now, but i would love talking to you in person in the future. btw. the streaming team at the 24c3 is doing a good job so far and recordings are released on an average of one day afer the event, so your talk will be available soon on a few sites.the good old days a few years ago actually, if im honest to myself quite many... Responder
2 Zwnj2uihuqn | hace 20 semanas Just wanted to comnemt on david hennessy for a kid he was great really .of course i have watched more or ds than were at here and with all the characters he played wow hes great.but from what i can get checking on line here he never went any further than ds once it was over that was that seems he put it all behind and eventually got married and is running some restaurant has kids too so who knows? guess he does okay though .i have never heard of him even going to those reunions either interesting.i think. Responder
1 Mary. | hace 20 semanas Donde busco el poemano te metas en mi vida? Responder
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